Getting Organised

Starting the Day

The start of the day is a very important time for the class to connect and communicate. Please ensure that your child is dropped off no later than 8 am to their classroom.

Breakfast Club

We have a breakfast club which starts at 7:30 am. If you would like to join, kindly contact our Registrar for more details.

Unplanned Absence

If your child is unable to attend their scheduled day, kindly notify the registrar as early as possible. As our child/adult ratios are carefully planned, we cannot accommodate requests to swap days on an ad-hoc basis.

Scheduled Absence

We would encourage you to ensure that your children attend the full term as they will get the most benefi t from the learning programme. However, if an absence during term time should be necessary, kindly notify the Registrar in advance. There are no refunds or replacement days should your child be absent in term time.

Late Arrivals

If your child arrives late this can affect their comfort and confi dence so please do your best to avoid arriving late. If you are unavoidably late and arrive after 8:30 please go to the registrar to complete the attendance sheet before taking your child to his or her classroom.


If a child is collected after other classmates they can become anxious; please help to avoid this by collecting them on time. If you know you will be late, please call head so nursery staff can prepare your child. Late collections are very disruptive to both the children and the team and the nursery reserves the right to charge 5KD per hour for regular late comers.


You will fi nd details of the nursery calendar on our website. In case of national holidays the nursery will inform you via email or text message (SMS)