Nutrition & Wellbeing

A well balanced diet is vital to a child’s health, and the food they eat influences their mood, behaviour and ability to concentrate and learn, as well as their physical growth. Our nursery menus are carefully planned by a qualified nutritionist to offer children a variety of foods and to include all of the food groups in such a way that the required daily nutrients are provided. We use fresh, additive-free foods that are prepared in our on-site kitchen where international standards and best practice. We take our guidelines from the UK School Food Trust and the Kuwait Ministry of Health.

Breakfast Club : We have a breakfast club which starts at 7:30 am. If you would like to join, kindly contact our Registrar for more details.

Allergies: Allergies, intolerances, religious and cultural preferences are noted and clearly displayed in the classroom, the clinic and in the kitchen so that staff can refer to them. Please note that our nursery is a nut free zone. Please do not bring any nut products or traces of nuts into the nursery environment.

As part of our commitment to parent communication we share recipes on our website through the parent login section. As part of our commitment to two-way communication, parents can upload their favourite recipes to share with the nursery and other parents.